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ITOMIC Industrial use Eco-cute : Heat pumu water heater for large amount use of hot water



EI-N5 : Instantaneous electric water heater.

Highly efficient CO2 heat pump water heater.

ITOMIC Industrial use Eco-cute introduces CO2 Heat pump system which utilizes heat from the air and produces heat energy to make hot water. 1electrical energy can produce 3.8 heating energy.(*COP=3.8) Its high efficiency leads to lower running cost and being eco-friendly.

*COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the ratio of heat delivered by the heat pump and the electricity supplied to the compressor. The bigger the figure, the better the efficiency.


Eco-friendly and the best way to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ozone Depleting coefficient is 0. Global Warming Potential is 1/1700 of Freon refrigerant.

Stopping the Global Warming is one of our top priorities. Itomic Eco-cute uses naturally abundant CO2(R744) as refrigerant, so "Ozone Depleting Coefficient is 0, Global Warming Potential is 0" is realized. CO2 refrigerant is not combustible nor toxic, which makes our Eco-cute next generation type water heater.


Refrigerant ODP GWP Necessity of collection
CFC Refrigerant R12 1 8,500 Yes
HCF Refrigerant R22 0.055 1,700
HCF Refrigerant R22 0 1,700
HFC Refrigerant R134A 0 1,300
Natural Refrigerant R744(CO2) 0 1 No

These values are based on our estimation. ODP=Ozone Depletion Potential,GWP=Global Warming Potential.



Suitable usage

Itomic Industrial use Eco-cute is ideal for facilities where heavy volume of hot water is used on a constant base. Facilities such as...

Itomic's Eco-cute sales record

  • Hotels
  • Resterants
  • Sports facilities
  • Shower rooms
  • Nursery homes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools / School dining
  • Retail shops


Retail shopHospitals/Nursary homesHot springsHotels



    • Suitable usage ...Washing, shower, bath.
    • Set up temperature...Approx 90°C
    • Place to set ...Stand
    • Structure ...Concealed (Pressurized)
    • Type...Stroage type
    • Storage capacity(Liter)...3,000(Standard Specification, Option:2,500/2,000/1,500/1,000/500)
    • Refrigerant... R744(CO2)
    • Dimensions(mm)...W1,312*D842*H1,814(Heat Pump unit) / W2,310*D1,560*H2,175(3,000Ltr Storage tank)
    • Voltage ...Three phase 200V
    • Specification change ...Possible

Please note: all information is quoted from manufacturers site, Itomic


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