Who Are We?

EcoCute was formed in early 2008 to focus on sustainable and renewable energy solutions! The main promotors of EcoCute are : Mr. James Byrne – Mr. Frank Caul – Dr. Paul Sikora. All are leading experts in their fields and provide quality and reliability as well as their expertise and professionalism.

EcoCute is one of the largest branches of the Sirus group, incorporated in July of 2008 and aims to deliver many services and products to the Sustainable and Renewable Energy markets.


  • The Sirus Group is an Irish company that has developed significantly on the last couple of decades.
  • Sirus is a group of privatly owned companies established in 1988.
  • In 1993 Sirus Engineering Systems was nominated by Bank of Ireland to participate in television contest for successful young business, Up and Running & came 4th in Ireland
  • In 1996 Sirus opened its office in Cork
  • Sirus consists of various divisions under both Health and Safety and the Energy.
  • The Energy Divisions include: Eco-Cute, Sirus Air-Con, Intelligent Building Systems and Sirus Engineering Systems.
  • The Health and Safety Divisions include: Pheonix Safety and EazySafe.
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EcoCute is focused on sustainable and renewable energy solutions, delivering:

  • Conceptual Design - Working with clients to examine their requirements and providing detailed design.
  • Product Distribution - taking innovative products and identifying appropriate channels for distribution.
  • Project Realisation - provide project management to deliver solutions to clients.
  • Training -To provide technology specific training to clients and distributors.
  • Energy Surveys - To work with clients on their current and future energy supply needs.
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